Barnyard Sitting Service

Barnyard Sitting Service

from 60.00

Twice daily visits for your hoof stock and pets.

Multiple Housepets, 2 Large Animals, any combination thereof:
Hobby Farms: Greater than 2 large animals:
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This service is for owners who have a dog and/or cat(s), multiple dogs, or horses with 24/7 turnout needing visits twice daily. At both visits your animals will receive fresh water, food, supervised outdoor time/walks, playtime, one on one attention, and some TLC! We will provide security and create a "lived-in" look while you are away. any house sitting services that are requested free of charge (mail, trash, light altered, plants watered, blinds altered, etc).

Backyards to Barnyards has experience with dairy and milking farms as well. There is no farm or animal we won't provide service for!

All of our drop in services are 30 minutes-1 hour. We are happy to provide as much additional time as you would need, we just add in a Nanny Service!