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Lifelong gentle guidance for pets and their people.


about us

The dream of Backyards to Barnyards Pet Care Services was brought to life in 2009 by our founder Melissa. We are premiere pet care experts. As fellow pet owners we trust our veterinarians to provide first rate care for our four legged friends health and wellbeing. This vision is what we were founded upon, and it was this vision that we held close to our hearts as we grew. Through the years we have always been proud to come highly recommended by veterinarians. Today, ten years later, we are happy to proclaim that in keeping with our high standard of care we are now a dedicated team of veterinary professionals. The pillars of Backyards to Barnyards have always been compassionate care, and a peace of mind promise to you as a pet owner. All of our clients are part of our extended family.

Backyards to Barnyards is a bonded and insured company. We are members of Professional United Petsitters, and never stop with our veterinary continuing education. We love all of our clients but take our jobs very seriously (in between kisses and nuzzles). We believe in quality, not quantity. We strive to go the extra mile, because your family is worth it. To make sure we are the right fit for you we always offer a complimentary meet and greet at your home. All of our services are tailored to fit the needs of your family, every time. Due to the customized nature of our work we encourage you to reach out with your specific needs to that we may guide you to a service that would work best for you, or create an entirely new service for you! No request is too large or too small!



Our Services


pET & Farm sitting

We know that your home and your pets are the two most important things you have to worry about while you are away. Enjoy all our premiere service has to offer- worry free. Backyards to Barnyards is committed to providing compassionate, qualified care for your pets and hobby farms. Peace of mind is our promise to you!

With Backyards to Barnyards, there are no more last minute trips to your veterinarian to get updated vaccines for the kennel. Your pets no longer have to leave the comfort of their own bed, yard, or home. Gone are the days of kennels- sleeping on cement floors, in cages, surrounded by barking dogs and nervous cats.

You can feel at ease knowing we're taking care of the most important part of your life. We are more than happy to administer any forms of medications prescribed to your animals.

Your animals will receive personalized and undivided attention. We are happy to partake in your pets favorite activities; they will be smothered with as much love as you yourself could give. 

Your home will be safe and taken care of. Flowers will be watered, newspapers and mail brought in, trash taken out, shades drawn, and doors locked. When you return home all will be exactly as it was left, and your furry ones will be waiting happily with wagging tails, purring, chirps, and neighs.

We often spend more time with your animals than you scheduled us for, simply because we love what we do! There's nothing in the world quite like our extended pet family. 

We offer daily visits, overnight care, and a comprehensive live in service. All services are tailored to fit the needs of your family, so don't hesitate to inquire today.

Daily Check-in

We provide service even if you aren't going away on vacation. Whether you are working late, have a senior pet, or simply want to give your furry one a chance to stretch their legs- we're happy to help. Potty breaks are an important part of your pet's overall health and wellbeing. 



Are you unable to get your pet to the veterinarian, groomer or to daycare? Backyards to Barnyards is happy to help. Whether the reason is that you're unable to lift fido or fluffy into the car, you don't have a vehicle, or you simply don't have the time; we're happy to help out. We are also willing to help out with pet-based errands. Do you need to pick up dog food or a prescription from your veterinarian but are otherwise committed? Give us a call.

We also offer relocation services for our clients should the need arise. The last time we drove two cats down to South Carolina they arrived happily snuggling together. Let us take the stress off of you!

As part of our peace of mind promise, the sitter vehicle is fully equipped with everything your pet needs to travel safely: collars, leaches, a first aid kit, and we prefer that your pet rides with a car harness. 



Our feline friends are some of the most misunderstood of all of our pets. Too often do cats get turned into shelters for behavioral issues. Are you frustrated with your cats behavior? Do you have concerns about what is going on and nothing you have tried is working? We love all animals here at Backyards to Barnyards, but Melissa has a special interest in cats. She can often be found making friends with cats that the owners swore she would never see. Melissa will work with you in your home to help you better understand your feline friend, discuss the issues that are concerning you, and help your cat be the healthiest, happiest feline they can be.



We perform acupuncture, massage, and reiki for your pets complimentary to the care provided by your veterinarian. We can provide these services in your home or by appointment only at one of our locations.


Celebration sessions

We offer pet photography loving termed celebration sessions exclusively to our clients. These sessions aren't staged. There are no props. We simply aim to capture the bond you share with your pet where they are most comfortable: in their home or at their favorite location. Real, raw, honest, and full of emotion- this service is something we highly recommend as a compliment to our hospice care service. Speaking from experience we know these photos are something you will treasure forever. We are happy to offer our celebration sessions to any of our clients from pups and kittens through the golden years!



We know how overwhelming, confusing, and emotional providing care to a terminally ill or senior pet can be. We've been there personally and professionally. We offer in home consultations to help you give your furry loved ones the best quality of life you can give. We will listen to your needs and provide as much support as we can to meet the goals you have for your family members. These consultations include an assessment from a fresh set of eyes and a written care plan comprised of quality of life suggestions and nutritional recommendations. We appreciate how fast changes can happen and are happy to come help you on a routine basis or by phone. We happily combine all of the healing modalities available such as reiki, massage, and acupuncture to help keep your loved one as comfortable as they can be. Part of this package will be preparing you as best we can for what is to come, including aftercare suggestions and remembrance options for your pet. We hold your hand and walk with you on your journey from the beginning through until the very end, and beyond. Our support for your family continues even after the loss of your pet- all you have to do is reach out.



As hospice care comes to an end we extend to our clients the comfort of home euthanasia. We work in conjunction with Dr. Dennis Thibeault of Green Valley Veterinary Services to provide compassionate reiki assisted euthanasia in your home. We arrive together as a team. We will go to wherever your pet is the most comfortable and provide a healing space through the use of flower essences, reiki, and compassionate touch. We work very hard to make this excruciatingly difficult time as peaceful as possible for you and for your pet. It is the greatest gift we could ever hope to provide for you. 

Many years ago when I was providing a hospice care consultation for a client, quietly listening and lovingly making suggestions the client stopped me. She looked me in the eyes with tears and told me that without a doubt this was the most clarity and peace she had felt in the process. That I had found my gift, my purpose, and she was grateful for the healing space I was able to bring to her life. I left her house that day with tears in my eyes, love in my heart, and with one greater member of my chosen family. I am so blessed.
— Melissa Hammond
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Please contact for specific needs and pricing in your area.


Daily Vacation visit    

A once daily visit to your home while you are away on vacation. We require a minimum of once daily for all of our clients. This package is purrrrfect for your healthy kitties!  Bowls will be washed, litter boxes scooped, feeding, and of course, some TLC! One on one attention, playing, brushing, petting, and lots of love. 


Farm Sitting     

We love our hobby farms. Horses, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, cows, and more! Dairy goats and cows are also something we can handle.



Overnight ServicE      

We specialize in overnight vacation care. Someone will stay in your home overnight with your pets. We will interact with your pets just like you would in conjunction with the added security of a lived in home.


Pet TransportatioN    

This service starts out at 25/hr (1 hour minimum), and 0.56 cents per mile. If you are in need of relocation services please contact us for a customized quote. 



Live IN service    

A premium service for those clients who wish to have someone in their home loving their pets full time as often as they themselves would be home.



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